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Having grown up in Brentwood, I moved to southern California as soon as possible as a young adult.  While there I began to participate in cardio kickboxing for my health.  I would spend up to 2 hours a day, 5 days a week in the gym.  As I was seeing the “healthy” results I desired, my body was dramatically wearing down.   I begin to have trouble getting out of bed; sitting and driving to work was becoming painful.  And yet I still continued to go.  I consulted my general physician who prescribed an anti-inflammatory and pain pill then sent me on my way.  Medication was not my first choice, but I believed there were no other options.

After 23 years in southern California, I moved home and finally made the choice to take care of myself.  With the help of a local chiropractor my rehabilitation began.  However, it was when I met a second chiropractor, Dr. Hubbard, that I began to really feel my body heal.  During the initial consultation he suggested I include massage in my plan.   I didn’t understand why having a “relaxing massage” would help, but how could I say no? Dr. H had massage therapists in the office that partnered with him to help facilitate the healing process.  So it began, I would see a massage therapist and get adjusted.  Within a few months I was getting out of bed without hesitation and could drive my car for extended periods of time - pain free.  Without both of them working on my behalf, I am sure that I would have continued to take unwanted medications to control my pain and discomfort.

Ultimately, this journey of self-care and healing led me to want to give back what was given to me: an awareness of my body with the ability to keep it healthy and balanced.  If one person regains confidence in their body’s strength to live a life that is well balanced and cared for, and have a renewed sense of health, my goal will be accomplished.  It is my wish to provide a compassionate and therapeutic massage to as many people as possible and help them get back what they thought was lost. 

As a graduate of the National Holistic Institute, a nationally accredited massage therapy school, I completed 900 hours of a comprehensive massage therapy training program  including anatomy, physiology, pathology and multiple modalities of hands-on bodywork training.