Success Stories

~ "Everything about this facility is exceptional. Service, professionalism, knowledge, experience, and of course treatment all exceeded my expectations.

Service: the staff knows me by name after only a visit or two. Making appointments is easy online, by phone, or in person. If I get to my appointment early, I can get a little massage to relax my muscles before going in for my treatment. That's awesome.

Professionalism: The facility is clean, and everyone is courteous, and professional while maintaining a close knit vibe.

Professionalism, Knowledge, and Experience: Rudy, being also a triathlete, brings his experience as an athlete as well as his experience treating professional athletes to the table; literally, to the treatment table. As a Chiropractor, he has relieved my back issues dramatically. As a Physical Therapist, and by using Action Release Therapy, he is helping resolve my IT Band Syndrome before my big race.

Price: I don't have health insurance, and I'm not rich. Treatment at Inner Action Sports is totally reasonable especially for the superb service that you get.

I highly recommend this place especially for athletes and the like." -Gilbert C.

~ "I hurt my shoulder pretty badly on a long trip to Asia and by the time I got back I was in chronic pain. I got referred to Dr. Brad Hubbard at Inner-Action by my friend's mom. He was fantastic, very helpful and also kind. He combined Chiro with ART (Active Release Technique) where he would press on tendons and connective tissue with moving the joint. Wow! Very intense sensations but it healed my shoulder really well. I've also gone to see him for more ordinary neck stiffness and lower back issues and continue to really appreciate the combination of the ART with the adjustments." 

~ "I think I could have spent a lot of $$$ at physical therapy with less effective results. And here I can just schedule my own appointments online.
I really recommend Dr. Hubbard and the whole staff here very highly." -Kristen H.

~ "If you have a physical ailment, Dr. Gutierrez will fix it.  These guys are at the top of their game in terms of skill, price, and professionalism.  I came in early for my appointment and they offered me a free massage while I waited just because the therapist wasn't working on anyone at the moment.  Seriously, who does that?  That's like going into a restaurant and getting a complimentary glass of Champagne while you wait just because you were early for your reservation.  Classy."  - Q.T.

~ "I was referred to Dr. Rudy Gutierrez by a neighbor who was having very good results with him. My knee arthritis was causing me enough discomfort that I had to curtail my daily walks -- especially on downhills.  After a few sessions with Dr. Rudy, I cancelled my knee replacement appointment. After 12 sessions, I have next to no discomfort at all. He explained to me that the muscles around my knee were very tight, and he gave me ART (Active release technique) which loosened them up, so I can now work on getting them strong. The office staff is very friendly, and his website makes it really easy to make, change, or cancel appointments online. I can't recommend Dr. Rudy highly enough. I will always go back to him if I ever have knee pain or discomfort again."  - Clara B.

~ "Rudy always goes directly to the source of my misalignment and discomfort, and works me back into a more physically balanced place. Unlike most chiropractors, he focuses on the muscles and for that reason, the results are longer lasting.  You don't just go back to the way you were feeling within a day or two. I see him about once every two weeks so I don't feel out of whack from my frequent workouts. 
Also, I can tell that he treats his employees well. Bonus points for being a good guy." - K.W.

~ "Dr. Gutierrez is professional, warm and takes his job seriously. He truly cares about you...  Warning! It can be pretty painful so communicate with him. It's about breaking down the muscles so that it repairs correctly and doesn't pull your body out of whack... at least that's my understanding of it. :) Happy healing everyone!!!" -Mayana P.

~ "Dr. Rudy Gutierrez is a rock star.  I am an active 49 year-old Registered Nurse who was referred to Rudy by my trainers at Oakland Adventure Boot Camp.  Sparing you the details of my case, the bottom line is that Rudy was responsible for diagnosing and treating a complicated lower back pain problem, which confounded a number of MDs.  Out of all the doctors I consulted (and there were many) Rudy was the one who nailed the diagnosis and encouraged me to follow a path of treatment which addressed the problem.  
Rudy is one of the finest practitioners I have ever met:  personable, intelligent, practical, enthusiastic, persistent, respectful, and an excellent listener. He is genuinely committed to helping his patients improve their lives.  I am continuing to see Dr. Gutierrez and Megan Brooks (CMT) at Inner-Action for "fine tuning," but my back problem and associated pain are essentially gone.  Megan's massage therapy is an effective counterpart to Rudy's ART treatments.  Megan is excellent at what she does.  She made a "massage believer" out of me, as I continue to improve under her care.  If you want a chiropractor who will give you answers and real results, go see Rudy and the friendly, professional staff at Inner-Action Sports Rehab." B.T.M.

~ "As others have noted, Dr. Gutierrez is outstanding. As a competitive runner, Rudy is a crucial component for my staying healthy and able to log in the miles day in and day out. I generally visit him for the usual wear and tear (sore hamstrings, muscles strains), but I've also visited him for more acute injuries. I'm always astounded at his ability to diagnose and literally make well troublesome areas. A big element of his practice is active release therapy (ART), an intense muscle/soft tissue manipulation, to break up scar tissue, aid the body's healing process, and help re-balance muscle systems. Simply put, he is excellent at what he does. I am constantly recommending Rudy and his strong support team of massage and Pilates therapists to anyone in pain, sports related or otherwise" -Sam R.

~ "Dr. Rudy Gutierrez has helped me and my friend, who recommended him to me, immensely.  He comes with the highest credentials and is very current with his craft.  I had been to a terrible chiropractor, here in Alameda, who's office should be shut down, and Dr. Gutierrez got me back in the proverbial  saddle.  I honestly don't know what I would have done without him.  A+++" - Stephanie S.

~ "After I pulled a hamstring during a workout last December, my trainers recommended that I see Dr. Rudy Gutierrez. Using active release technique, Rudy lessened my pain within a day, and my hamstring continues to improve. Combining physical therapy and massage with chiropractic has been key, allowing me to continue working out, performing at my physical best. Rudy is indeed fantastic. Megan, my massage wonder woman, is also incredible, as is Josh. I highly recommend the Inner-Action team." -Mia K.

We value our patients' experience at Inner-Action Sports Rehab and Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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