Do I have to put a card on file?

We ask for a credit card on file to hold a new patient/ongoing patient appointment and to make the checking-out process more efficient. We can always take your card off file upon request during your visit and you will never be charged prior to your visit without notice. (Note: Due to new patient appointments being 30 minute appointments, we ask new patients to cancel 24 hours prior so we contact someone on the waiting list. You may be charged the full rate of $170 for the missed appt unless there has been an emergency). This is a waiting-list practice and we have many patients on a wait list looking for an appt and would have happily accepted your missed appt. We only ask that the office policy and patients in our practice are respected in this regard.

Do we accept health insurance?

Yes, our office accepts and processes all PPO health insurance policies as long as they have either in or out-of-network benefits. Unfortunately, we are out of network with all insurance companies (with the exemption of Dr. Gutierrez being in network with, ILWU & Blue Shield of California PPO). Most insurance companies, if it is a PPO, will have out of network, which will provide benefits however, may have a higher deductible. Feel free to bring your insurance card to your first visit or email our office a copy of you insurance card with your information (full name of subscriber and DOB); we are more than happy to check that for you! We also accept HSA/FSA cards as a form of payment.

What should I expect at my first visit?

During your first visit with our Doctors you will be able to discuss any concerns you have been having, Our Doctors will evaluate you and they will do the appropriate treatment(s) for your needs.

Do our massage therapists take insurance?

Our Massage Therapists can accept FSA and HSA cards for payment. In some cases, insurers will require a letter of medical necessity in order for claims and reimbursements to be acknowledged.

Does our office do MRIs/XRAYs?

Unfortunately, our office does not do in-house MRIs/XRAYs but our doctors can write you an order for a medically necessary diagnostic image at an offsite facility.

Do we take Personal Injury and Work Comp. cases?

We accept Workers Compensation (WC) claims and Personal Injury (PI) claims on a case-by-case scenerio. When considering booking a new appointment for a PI or WC case please provide the front desk with your claim number, claim adjuster/phone number as well as the insurance company prior to your appointment. For WC cases our office will NEED PRE-AUTHORIZATION from your Risk Management Dept PRIOR to you appt.

What should I expect after my visit?

After your visit, you might feel some soreness but that is completely normal! If you are feeling mild pain, feel free to call or email your Doctor for advice. Self-care after an appointment can vary for different patients. Our doctors will let you know after your visit the appropriate self-care for your condition.

What is your last-minute cancellation policy?

We ask our patients for a 24-hour notice if they are unable to make their appointment. This allows us time to get patients in that are on our cancellation/wait list who are in need of relief. In the case of a no-show appointment or same-day cancellation, you will be charged the full out of pocket rate for that appointment (insurance will not cover no-shows or last-minute cancellations). If it's an emergency please call our office to let them know.