"There are not enough stars available to to rate the kind of treatment Dr. Hubbard and his staff provide. I can truly say Dr. Hubbard has given me my life back. I was beginning to be resigned to living in pain, and I'm happy to say that is NOT true. Thanks to Dr. Hubbard's skills and knowledge I am recovering and I'm confident I will regain functionality without pain! The staff is amazing and the "warm up" massages by extremely skilled massage therapist make a real difference. The personal service and individual treatment is like nothing I've experienced with other chiropractors or physical therapist." - Maria G

"This place deserves every single one of their 5 star reviews. I love dr Rudy and everyone that works there is amazing. My only complaint is my favorite massage therapists are hard to get appointments with because they're so good and always booked. But seriously, best massages in the world. This place has improved my chronic pain and I'm so grateful it exists!" - A.T

"I think I could have spent a lot of $$$ at physical therapy with less effective results. And here I can just schedule my own appointments online.
I really recommend Dr. Hubbard and the whole staff here very highly." -Kristen H.

"Dr. Rudy Gutierrez is a rock star.  I am an active 49 year-old Registered Nurse who was referred to Rudy by my trainers at Oakland Adventure Boot Camp.  Sparing you the details of my case, the bottom line is that Rudy was responsible for diagnosing and treating a complicated lower back pain problem, which confounded a number of MDs.  Out of all the doctors I consulted (and there were many) Rudy was the one who nailed the diagnosis and encouraged me to follow a path of treatment which addressed the problem.  

Rudy is one of the finest practitioners I have ever met:  personable, intelligent, practical, enthusiastic, persistent, respectful, and an excellent listener. He is genuinely committed to helping his patients improve their lives.  I am continuing to see Dr. Gutierrez and Megan Brooks (CMT) at Inner-Action for "fine tuning," but my back problem and associated pain are essentially gone.  Megan's massage therapy is an effective counterpart to Rudy's ART treatments.  Megan is excellent at what she does.  She made a "massage believer" out of me, as I continue to improve under her care.  If you want a chiropractor who will give you answers and real results, go see Rudy and the friendly, professional staff at Inner-Action Sports Rehab." B.T.M

"I hurt my shoulder pretty badly on a long trip to Asia and by the time I got back I was in chronic pain. I got referred to Dr. Brad Hubbard at Inner-Action by my friend's mom. He was fantastic, very helpful and also kind. He combined Chiro with ART (Active Release Technique) where he would press on tendons and connective tissue with moving the joint. Wow! Very intense sensations but it healed my shoulder really well. I've also gone to see him for more ordinary neck stiffness and lower back issues and continue to really appreciate the combination of the ART with the adjustments." 

"dr ruddy is a very knowledgeable and compassionate provider.
as a healthcare provider i 100% recommend him,
he does active treatment (not passive treatment like most chiropractors do)
the massage here was great
CARENDA has healings hands ( i tried a couple of therapists but no one compares to her gift- as a nurse i can feel how knowledgeable she is)
it was out of pocket but worth it.
i had 6 treatments here and it's a must try alternative to passive modalities." - Joan N.

"Wrecked in all the best ways! In 3 sessions, Michael Rodriguez has healed an aggravated hip! It was so tough as I train Ju jitsu and was teaching spin classes. This is NOT a fru fru spa massage, which I also love. This is a place for healing. I was shouting for half my massage, but it is worth being able to walk around my block without pain and to keep weight lifting and training Ju jitsu. Go see Michael!!" - Christabelle P. 


"Everything about this facility is exceptional. Service, professionalism, knowledge, experience, and of course treatment all exceeded my expectations.

Service: the staff knows me by name after only a visit or two. Making appointments is easy online, by phone, or in person. If I get to my appointment early, I can get a little massage to relax my muscles before going in for my treatment. That's awesome.

Professionalism: The facility is clean, and everyone is courteous, and professional while maintaining a close knit vibe.

Professionalism, Knowledge, and Experience: Rudy, being also a triathlete, brings his experience as an athlete as well as his experience treating professional athletes to the table; literally, to the treatment table. As a Chiropractor, he has relieved my back issues dramatically. As a Physical Therapist, and by using Action Release Therapy, he is helping resolve my IT Band Syndrome before my big race.

Price: I don't have health insurance, and I'm not rich. Treatment at Inner Action Sports is totally reasonable especially for the superb service that you get.

I highly recommend this place especially for athletes and the like." -Gilbert C.

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